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As of: May 4th,2007

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Dear customers,

Welcome to our English website section.

Presently we have in stock:
Altimeter mount “The Wedge” , Art. 92106 and Art. 92106-Color
TeeWallet, Art. 92101
LogbookCover, Art. 92103

For the latest and valid information, please contact us at:
fon: +49 (0)2526-9394.20;  fax: +49 (0)2526-9394.21; e-mail:

Frank van Gelder
Sendenhorst, May 4th, 2007

As of now, you can also place your orders by direct E-Mail.
The previously required Orderform with your signature,
 is not necessary anymore, but may be used in the future as well.
Please make sure that you give us all data for the relevant LookMa®
 product, so we can start on your order without any delay.

Foreign customers may inform themselves about the
current exchange rates to the EURO by using the OANDA link.

New Items:

Removable Slider for Canopy Piloting

Now with larger rings made out of highly polished Stainless Steel, BridlePouch and Manual.

Go to RDS Slider

Skydiving Gloves; Art. # 92120 Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
white, gray, Royal blue, red

BETA-Version # 515;      Price € 28,00
(w/o VAT 23,53 Euro)
 (Future price will be 33,00 Euro / Pair for all sizes
and color: € 32,00;  ohne MwSt. € 27,73 )

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Skydiving Gloves
(- GL -)

Speet-WeightsTM für Canopy Pilots

Only highly experienced canopy pilots should consider using these SPEET-WEIGHTSTM.

After many practice jumps, they might dramatically improve their swooping performance, but should at all times be aware of the dangers of using these SPEET-WEIGHTSTM

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The Wedge
is now available in various colors

and on frequent request:
is now available too!

NEW: DigiPouch for Neptune, GFX and VISO

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The Wedge
Wedge colors 326 n

These items are presently only available for details in the german section.





Might be, but please check first by going to “Aktuelles” in the german section.


 Our TIP:

In order to keep the shipping and Bank-Transfer costs to a minimum, we suggest to place “bulk” orders.
This becomes especially noticable when ordering “low-cost” items like
The Wedge or T-Shirts.

US customers, who are interested to purchase a LookMa® Packingmat: please contact Cathy Kloess in Zephyrhills / FL  at her e-mail address:  packncathy@earthlink.net


General information:

 LookMa® Products are for a large part protected by utility patents and are all under the copyright of   © Frank van Gelder

All text and drawings are under the copyright of © Frank van Gelder

All photos are under the copyright of  the persons indicated below each individual photo or photo series.

All T-Shirt designs are under the copyright of © Bob Stephens

”The Wedge” (Pat. Pend.) is under the copyright of © Mike Daughtry.

The “LookMa® Logo is a registered name.

Quick Breaker SystemTM, Quick Release ZipperTM, Quick Ajust SystemTM and
Quick Attach System
TM, are Trademarks of LookMa® Paraphernalia

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