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issue: 30 Apr. 2011

- Canopy Piloting Products -

Skydive City in Zephyrhills /FL has a new  Swoop Pond for Canopy Piloting !

It’s big and the only one in Florida.



On the following pages you will find typical Canopy Piloting Products.

RDS Systems for Swooper.

Dive-Loops for Swooper.

Legstrap protectors for Swooper.

mount for Swooper.

Chest-Strap extension for Swooper.

Spare Parts for

-  New CP Products -

New Canopy-Piloting weightbelt is presently being tested

We took our proven RW Weightbelt and added a disconnect system to it. This Weightbelt is now approved for official Conopy-Piloting competitions.

Min. Weight:   6.5 kg ( 14 lbs.)       Max. Weight:   9.5 kg ( 21 lbs.)
Can be used with or w/o Suspender-System.
With 2-Handle Quick-Release-System (disconnect functions with or w/o Suspender-System). The complete front section separates from the complete back section (inkl. from the Suspender-System, when being used)

For all details please go to:

To CP-

WINGLOAD Calculator

WV 2x3 fem 118 Kopie 0,4cm
GB 118 Kopie 0,35cm
PM 118 Kopie 0,5cm
WDG 140 Kopie 0,4cm
HB 119 Kopie 0,6cm
Main View 306 Kopie 1,8 cm n
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